Whether it's bending the ball into the far corner or sliding in perfectly to dispossess your opponent, the one thing that you need is to be able to have the right balance and grip. The revolutionary non-slip IN//EXTech pads secure your foot and give you the perfect grip and that true 'snug' feeling.


Hitting the middle stump or hitting the ball out of the park both require maximum grip and minimum distraction. TRusox comes with the revolutionary non-slip IN//EXTech pads that help maintain the balance and stability that athletes need to perform at their very best


Right from the first pitch to hitting that match-winning homerun, Baseball requires athletes to give it their all for the 9 innings that they have to play through. TRUsox's unique ability to form a bond with your foot and footwear helps athletes deliver their best every single time.


Whether it's running those last 15 yards to glory or making that match - saving interception or even that photo-finish freekick. These special moments need that special something that TRUsox gives these elite athletes. The superior grip keeps your footing more secure, giving athletes greater speed, agility and dependency.